Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018-15 THE BEST OF BOSTON? – Dinner

Thinking back to this dinner at Abe and Louie’s, my stomach is starting to grumble once again (I’ve also just gotten out of yoga class at Yyoga and I’ve worked up an appetite). I don’t usually go out for dinners like this, just because I’m not really a steak and potatoes type of person and these meals can really burn a hole in the wallet… But when travelling with other people, I’ll usually go with the restaurant choice of whoever is the most enthusiasitc and makes the reservation first. So, because I am not really into steak and potatoes, I opted for the halibut special:


The fish was served over a bed of lobster mashed potatoes and… I don’t recall the sauce, sorry. I did also have a martini, which may have added to the memory loss. I do remember how excited I was about the mashed potatoes, and how I wiped the plate clean! D thought the fish was a tad dry; I thought the fish was fine with the sauce and mashed potates to add moisture. The little seed net over the lemon really was an indication of the calibre of food that was being served.

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We worked through our mains, finished the creamed spinach and what not (great sides too, I think any of the options would have been amazing), and it was time for dessert. This was the creme brulee, and it may have been one of the best I’ve ever had (#Drake). I couldn’t wait to eat it, so the photo above is not of the actual dish as it comes out.


Conversations over heavy meals like this can get pretty interesting, as everybody gets a bit more relaxed. I really am glad I work with such open minded people though, who can discuss almost anything, from politics to love to the weather. There can be so many different perspectives to a topic, and it’s not all 2 sided, like the wall that Trump wants to build.

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