Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019-11 || leave the world a better place

The beginning of a weekend with no plans.Woke up later than usual (9AM), and remembered seeing beautiful waffles in the display case, at the nearby Whole Foods Market bakery. Weather's nice today, so I went for a quick walk to pick some up for breakfast.

Note that the Starbucks cup in the back contains the Kickstarter smoothie from the Whole Foods juice bar. Pretty slow service today, but I wasn't in any type of rush to get anywhere. Hopefully the smoothie satisfies my vitamin quota for the day, because the waffles were just straight carbs. 

There were 3 flavors available - pistachio, chocolate with almond slices, and chocolate with round chocolate crisps. I chose the pistachio and the almonds to take home and snack on while finishing up the last season of Game of Thrones. These waffles are the soft kind, not crispy on the outside. For $3, can't ask for too much! 

Whole Foods Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This week has dragged on, and the weekend continues to drag. I couldn't even kickstart my mood (ha, ha, referring to the smoothie...)! Something's missing this weekend, but what?

What is the thing you do to make your day feel complete?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2019-10 || who doesn't like winning?

There were a few visitors to the office from out of town this week, and to celebrate our successes this year, the company organized an awards dinner at Brix & Mortar, on Tuesday. It was beautifully organized with plenty of wine, a fun ice breaker at the beginning, and lots of mingling before and after the delicious 3 course meal.

Starting off with the most balanced tomato and cheese salad!

Then, I had the perfect sirloin, asparagus and mashed potatoes on the side!

Brix & Mortar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I'm using "!" because I'm getting excited just remembering how delicious everything looked and tasted.  It's really an ultimate dining experience, with the perfect level of service. The servers kept walking by to top off my glass, every time my glass looked half full (or half empty?). I can see why lots of weddings are hosted here.

In between, the main and the dessert, the awards were handed out, but I think the real reward was the milk cereal panna cotta:

What a funny looking plaque to commemorate the hard work of my colleagues who deserved the recognition...

When I look back at these dinners, it reminds me that really, life is good.  I have so many complaints all the time, and it feels like a struggle, but overall, living in this society is pretty convenient. Cars, fridges, grocery stores, and the Internet for all the information sharing you could ever desire! 

Also, we don't have white walkers lurking behind our gates... 

OK, back to catching up with all the episodes of Game of Thrones, before Season 8 comes out next month.


After Korean BBQ, we walked over to YiFang. I've heard so much hype about this place, especially the black sugar milk tea... 

I've heard of people lining up to try this, just because they only have small batches of the black sugar pearls made each day and other locations run out within a short time. It should have been a sign that this location of YiFang still had the drink available, because it was really not what I hoped for.

YiFang Fruit Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Where's the tea flavor? It just tasted like sugar and watery milk, and I'm sure I ordered the tea option, not just the milk, because I had a sip of M's black sugar pearl milk. Both were disappointing, in the flavour and smoothness category. The only positive feedback here is that their pearls were chewy and tasted fresh. The hype was not real here.

I've been holed up at home for most of today, and I could really use a milk tea from Houcailei.

2019-09 || when you can't remember somebody's name

After a brutal week, M, C&C took me to Arisu along North Road for some much needed food and drinks. This is one of the many Korean BBQ restaurants along the Burnaby and Coquitlam border, which has now become a high traffic area. Transit if you can... We had one of the BBQ combos, which came with a pile of meat, including pork belly and short rib: 

Pretty standard Korean BBQ meal, with the usual sides of kimchi, vegetables, and marinated potatoes. I would recommend visiting for the freshness of each cut of meat, the good portion size, the flavour. They had one of those bells to request a server, and the best part was that it actually worked! We had quick and efficient service, and while the servers were Korean and pretended like they did not understand might not have understood English, they were friendly enough. 

Also, it's close to other places for dessert and groceries, which just makes it a convenient spot to meet up.

Arisu Korean BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pretty late post for this section of Week 9, 2019. Almost forgot about it, to be honest, because of all the events of Week 10, the reunions and the new faces.

Do you ever have difficulty remembering somebody's name after meeting them a few times?

A friend told me that when you can't remember somebody's name, it's because that person is cheap.

Friday, March 1, 2019

2019-08 || out of office-2

Traveling for work as a sales person means working from coffee shops in between meetings. We were in the neighborhood of Ride Studio Cafe, and we love bikes and coffee, so this spot was a dream come true: 

They use locally roasted beans, and a La Marzocco machine, which was not a disappointing combination. The macchiato that I had was stupendously strong, yet still very smooth, a great beverage for sipping. It got me through the rest of the afternoon and a bunch of emails that came in while we were on the road.

Ride Studio Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

There is ample seating on one side of the room, and the other half is decorated with bikes and biking gear. A full rack of biking jerseys and eye wear covered the back wall, and there was even a TV showing one of the latest road bike races.

It's places like these that inspire me to work towards having my own small business, where I can hire my own crew, and maybe build a respectful workplace. Most of my colleagues now are pretty awesome, but there are one or two... No, there's just one bad apple.

I'm not a feminist, or at least I don't think I am, but I do believe in equality. The alpha personality, maybe in combination with the different cultural background and 10+ year age gap, resulted in the use of the term "man talk" this afternoon by this person I work with. This older "man" talked about his experiences with another man (another coworker), and found enlightenment about the whole situation of working in our office setting, which then inspired him to apologize at myself and a colleague (NOTE: he did not ask for apology, he basically forced his apology on us). The apology was for yelling at us, on two separate occasions earlier on, after my colleague and I had provided feedback or raised concerns about his quality of work as well as ethics. This term was then used in the starting sentence of the apology; they were within the first 10 words he said to us.

Accident? Not sure.

Actually, I was so shocked to hear this term being used at that moment, in that small meeting room, that I stopped listening to the rest of his speech. I could not formulate a respectful comment to express my true thoughts and feelings, so what did I do?

I just kept my mouth shut to prevent yelling at this person for his use of these insensitive words. Also, there was no time to get into a further discussion with this "man", since it was the end of the day and I had no energy to waste. Perhaps, this term was used because he did not know what it truly meant.

Perhaps, I will send him a link to the definition tomorrow.

I will let it go now, because there's no point being bothered about this, but it is such a funny story that I just had to blog about it for the Internet and for future reference when I reread this post.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019-08 || out of office-1

I've been craving Duffin's Donuts since last week, but with the snow storm and traveling, it was difficult to get out that way. So, when we heard that there were amazing donuts at the Reading Terminal Market right next to our hotel, D and I jumped on it. We picked up a couple on the way to the airport from Beiler's Doughnuts:

 One of 2 display cases

Their selection of donuts was overwhelming - they had 2 of the above display cases, filled with beautiful donuts, including some of my favourite flavours, like strawberry jelly, maple walnut, Boston creme. There were some outrageous looking ones too, with purple sprinkles, and a blueberry fritter, which I haven't seen around before. How many donuts could we possibly eat before a flight?
Beiler's Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I ended up choosing the Boston creme, the strawberry, and an apple fritter (safe choices overall):

Here are photos of the donuts with filling. Left side is the strawberry (obviously, since it's red), and the right side is the Boston cream: 

I would have to say that they were good, but not as amazing as I thought they were hyped up to be. The strawberry jelly could have used some work, and I thought they could have chosen a jam with a different consistency. It was too thick, and did not have that melty, gooey texture, like the ones from Duffin's.

The cream in the Boston cream was perfect, and I did not leave any leftovers, but the chocolate coating on top was quite a mess that melted off a tad too easily. Remember to grab napkins for this one.

Apple fritter was a plain old fritter.

Perhaps, this selection was too safe, and we should have branched out to try the more gimmicky flavors, but as with most things in life, the basics are important. I have no doubts that if I'm ever in the area again, I'll revisit this donut stand at the market. The Reading Terminal Market brought back strong vibes of the Borough Market in London, and I can't wait to revisit this place and explore the rest of the stalls.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

2019-07 || falling

This week's theme is falling, starting with the snow. We had a few snow days in Vancouver, at the beginning of the week, but it's pretty much cleared up now. I safely drove my little car over the highway to hang out with my buddies in Richmond, at Enjoy Cafe:

The restaurant looks dingy and dark, but there were no indications of that it would be a health concern to consume the food served here. I had one of the red dishes in the photo above, which was a baked pork chop on rice. J had the dish with the yellow sauce, which was their baked seafood and pineapple with portuguese sauce on rice. I tried a bite of her choice, and I will have to say it is safe to order. 

The baked pork chop on rice was also safe, but I've definitely had crispier fried pork chops. Other Hong Kong style cafes use pork chops with more meat as well. The slice of pork chop covers the whole plate of rice, but a third of it is a large bone! The sauce to rice ratio is perfect, but I would've liked more cheese on top. The best part of the meal was the ice cold milk tea, but for those of you who do not enjoy sweet beverages, ask for less sugar.

Enjoy Cafe 1+1 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

In conclusion, this place is not worth coming to Richmond for.

This spot at Burnaby Lake  is worth waking up early for:

Other than snow, I had a minor fall this week as well, and while I'm not physically injured, I am traumatized (luckily H was here and I could be a baby about it). My grandmother is also back in the hospital, and she says she might not come back out, but I can see that she's trying her best to recover. I think being tough might be in my blood.

This upcoming week will be busy. I'm going to list out some goals to accomplish, and I'll report back in next week's blog:

  • Travel to the Northeast US
  • Research and finalize 3 caterers for the wedding
  • Finish Homo Sapiens