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Monday, May 14, 2018

2018-20 | LA CHICKEN

Pronounced “Elle Eh”, like Los Angeles, not “LA”, like “DO RE MI” or the French article... This chicken place is a hole in the wall that replaced a burnt down Dairy Queen a few years ago. I’ve had this chicken before, but mostly takeout at potluck dinner parties. This was my first time here!


The dingy and dirty looking seating arrangement makes me wonder what it’s like inside… Probably not much cleaner, especially with the grease from frying all that chicken. The chicken itself was extremely crispy, and BE WARNED, it is hot! Don’t take a full bite when it’s fresh out of the fryer. The fries were really crispy too, but they were starting to get soggy after leaving them out for about 20 minutes (normal for fries, I guess). The gravy was delish. Choose the spicy option, for more flavour and not for a burning mouth feel.

L.A. Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Church’s Chicken is still my favourite.

This was the last weekend before I head out to Orlando, Florida for the 3rd time this year… I thought I wouldn’t want to go again, but I’m actually quite looking forward to it. The last few hours before leaving are tough though, what with trying to wrap things up with some last minute things. Do I really need travel insurance?

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