Saturday, May 12, 2018


Got way too hungry after work, and didn’t want to cook, after transiting for an hour, so H met up with me at Menya, which is conveniently located by the Canada Line skytrain:


I gotta say that I was not very satisfied by this miso ramen. It had better broth than Jinya, and I ended up drinking all of it, but my gripe with this bowl was the portion size. I was full for maybe 30 seconds after I slurped up the last drop of the broth. Why don’t they put more noodles in?! I guess rent is expensive, and they need to be conscious of expenses... The ramen also didn’t come with an egg, so we had to order it on the side. Other than that, it was very cozy, clean, and came with great service, despite being very busy with guests at every table.

Menya Japanese Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I’ve been trying to eat at home more often to save money, what with many expenses coming up soon. It sort of freaks me out to think about how much money will be leaving my bank account in the next year or so. Stay open to allow things to flow through, my yoga instructor said today. This could be taken a few different ways, but I’m sure she was referring to life events, like if something horrible happens, be accepting of it, and it will pass. Right now, I keep thinking of my wallet staying open and all the money just flowing in, and then, very quickly out of it.


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