Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The FSCT7002 final was last Wednesday.  It was a relief to get it over with, although I'm sure I must have barely passed it.  I absolutely hated the course with a passion.  Tips for this course:
  • Record all lectures (Brent talks way too fast, and Geri-Lynn talks way too quietly.  BJ Brown puts up all his lecture slides, which is really very much appreciated)
  • Have a lot of caffeine to stay awake through the dry course material
  • Sit near the front to stay awake
  • Come to class on time, they always start right away
  • Don't ask situational "what if" questions; the answer is it depends, and you're wasting everyone's time. 
Looking forward to FSCT7005! It starts on Apr. 24, so I have 3 weeks free.  Let's hang out.

P.S. Sunday was awesome.:)


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