Sunday, June 26, 2022

2022-25 || there will always be laundry the next day

The bad food experiences continue from two weeks ago

H was still recovering from his cold (not COVID apparently, but maybe it was and we tested wrong? Or maybe it just wasn't...), and I was barely getting by on lack of sleep and toddler exhaustion.  We felt we needed some fresh air, so we made a trip out to the Farmers Market at Trout Lake, one of my favourite family activities. Food trucks did not appeal to us, and H wanted congee, so we decided to visit East One Seafood Restaurant, where we've had take out before and thought we could trust the quality of their cooking.

Sadly, this was not the case for their baked pork chop on rice. The tomato sauce was extremely tart. Did they forget to add sugar to balance out the tomato sauce? 

The pork chop was not crispy at all. My guess is that they reheated it in the microwave, then threw it on top of the fried rice. The fried rice was actually decent though, lots of wok air!

I think we've finally returned to our baseline energy levels at this house after that bout of illness from two weeks ago. P no longer makes snorting sounds, S is running around again, and H has returned to the office. As for me, I'm getting the laundry done on time again, so that we're not scrambling to throw things into the washing machine and turning up the heat on the dryer. Laundry never ends. 

There really is something peaceful about an empty sink, laundry flapping in the sun, and both kids napping. 

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