Saturday, July 2, 2022

2022-26 || travel with two under three to sechelt

Lack of sleep while traveling wasn't as dreadful as I thought it would be.  We stayed one night in a cabin on a campsite with H's scout group, and the rest of the nights in downtown Sechelt. Not to say it wasn't stressful at all, because there was that moment at 4AM that first night, when S kept rolling around, crawling all over my face, and I thought we should hop on the ferry to go back home immediately. 

At both locations that we stayed at, I slept with S, while H kept an eye on baby P in his bassinet that we brought from home.  Whenever baby P woke up for a feeding, H would come to get me. This was S's first time sleeping in a big bed, so she was naturally over excited to have the freedom to crawl out of bed whenever she desired, which was ALL NIGHT LONG. We skipped all of her naps, and she woke up at 4AM every morning. 

We slept so poorly over this entire week in Sechelt, it felt like we had about the same amount of sleep as the newborn days with S, but I still woke up more energized than sleeping at home. Must be that fresh coastal air. 

A few highlights:

  •  S made friends with the other kids at the scout camp, while baby P enjoyed all of the attention that little babies get wherever they go. Her language seems to have exploded out of nowhere after camp, and she's stringing together 5 to 6 words now. 

  • S figured out her own boredom while we stayed at the AirBNB. Because we didn't bring many toys for her to play with, she entertained herself with "working" and doing laundry. Once she got home, she was so excited to play with all of her toys and put together all of her puzzles. 

It's hard to make a half eaten burger look good. I ordered the beyond meat burger, with added fried onions and cheese. Of course, gotta get a strawberry milkshake to cut the grease. If they can make a vegetarian burger taste this good, I can only imagine their burgers with real meat... 
Why did I get the vegetarian option? Because H doesn't eat beef and I didn't want chicken.

I came back to Vancouver ready to get back into our regular routine. S has been sleeping 12 hours at night and taking her usual afternoon nap. Being away gave me a new perspective to our reliable routines, and being home with the kids didn't seem so mundane anymore. 

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