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Sunday, January 10, 2021

2021-02 || working out my hope muscle

After looking back at 2020 in my last post, I thought the second week of the year might be a good time to look ahead to what I hope to do in 2021. 

1. I hope to eat a lot of good and affordable (or better yet, free) food: 

H likes to visit Richmond Public Market, and in the food court, they have these super affordable Chinese food take out spots. Less than $15 for all food in the photo! Greasy, but quite fresh and better than other similar fast Chinese food places, like Kent's Kitchen. 

2. I hope to move to a larger space, and make it feel like home. Then, I'll get the COVID-19 vaccine, and I'll invite friends over to celebrate all the things we couldn't in 2020. For my own reference, it took close about a year for the current place to feel cosy. 

3. I hope to go back to work. Not only do I miss making money, I actually miss the adult interactions. It'll be nice to go back to the workplace, and I can blog about relationships I have with people and things other than my baby, husband, and food. 

4. I hope to buy something bougey with the money I make from going back to work. 

5. I hope to go back to school.


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