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Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020-25 || do i still remember to brush my teeth?

M&M came over the other day to visit me and baby S, and they came bearing gifts from Mello, a new-ish donut shop in Vancouver specializing in brioche donuts: 

All three of us were constantly receiving ads on Instagram ever since their opening day, constantly reminding us to buy their beautiful donuts. I had previously tried to pick some up, one afternoon, without preordering, and they were all sold out, so I was pretty glad that M could drop by right when they opened at 10AM. Even then, they are so popular that M was only able to purchase their last 4 donuts, which were the strawberries and cream special brioche donuts (see photo above - aren't they the most photogenic donuts you have ever seen?). 

I haven't had many brioche donuts in the past, so not much to compare with. These ones from mello were quite fluffy, and they're literally exploding with cream. For $5 though, I wish it could've had more fresh strawberries in the centre, and overall more flavor, as I found it was not quite sweet enough. Do post pregnancy hormones affect taste buds? 

Mello is worth visiting at least once, if you're already around the Chinatown area, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come back. I'm probably not a fair judge of their product either, because brioche donuts aren't really my thing, and if I wanted a real satisfying donut, I would rather go to 49th Parallel. Come to check out their cute store front though! 

Also, check out how big I look in the reflection of their entrance when I tried to pick some up in May, during the last trimester of my pregnancy! I remember wondering back then whether I would be too busy and tired for personal hygiene. So far, seven weeks in, I've always remembered to brush my teeth at least once a day. 

I mean, it feels like all the days have really merged into one long day... 

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