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Sunday, March 24, 2019

2019-12 || this too shall pass

We visited Ding Tea today after a 2 hour walk (I'm not going to call it a hike, because I don't think it really deserved to be called that...). There was a line up out the door, but after looking inside the little cafe, I realized that the line was just caused by the lack of waiting space between the order counter and the front door. 

I'm sure this whole experience could have been improved if we arrived at a better time. We started lining up at 2:56PM, and they were actually closing at 3PM to prepare inventory, then reopening at 4PM. The line up had to rediverted inside the cafe, instead of looping around the outside; there were concerns about the availability of standing space, but luckily we were all able to fit inside. I'm sure when the hype dies down a bit, and their BOGO ends, the service will speed up and the lines will move faster. If you're sensitive to waiting in line, don't go now. 

Ding Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The worst part is that the wait wasn't really worth it for any of us. We had the Hokkaido milk tea and the regular bubbletea. The taro milk teas were complimentary. Their pearls are very fresh, but the tea was not smooth or milky enough. I'm starting to think that Chatime's roasted milk tea and Houcailei's Bull Demon King (brown sugar jelly in milk tea) have ruined normal milk tea for me... I can't say I'll be back anytime soon, and this really teaches me to line up, just because everybody else is waiting.

This streak of bad tea will hopefully pass soon (talking 'bout you, YiFang Coquitlam!) just like everything else, including bad days at work and low motivation. As #instafamous Jenn Im said in her recent talk, 
"It's not the universe's job to had you motivation everyday, like here, take it. It's your job to look for it."

 Going to go read a book now.

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