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Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018-41 | HOT POT SEASON

I was really hungry by the time we met up for dinner, at around 8:15PM on Friday. There were 8 of us celebrating F’s birthday at Jun Yuan:

jun yuan

Sometimes, you pay for what you get. That doesn’t necessarily mean quality, because at a Chinese hot pot place, it usually means quantity. For about $40 each, we had unlimited slices of pork, lamb, beef, meat balls… Basically, whatever was on their menu.

While all the food was very fresh, it was difficult to tell the cleanliness of the restaurant. Our cutlery felt grimy and a few of the bowls appeared unwashed so we asked for exchanges. Then, the soy sauce looked mysteriously oily and had bits in it… That didn’t stop us from just dumping all the food into the communal pot in the middle, to boil away whatever bacteria existed.

Jun Yuan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Something funny did happen while we were there. We also asked for extra fried chicken wings, which were actually quite juicy and crispy. These were also supposed to be unlimited, but when we asked for 16 wings so that we could each get 2, they came back with a much lower count of only 3 wings. Apparently, these were the last ones and they had run out, but after we paid the bill and were getting ready to leave, we saw them serve more chicken wings to another table that started after us.

Not only are they liars, they’re DIRTY liars. Be aware that their bathroom is pretty intimidating to use, and it takes some navigation to get to the toilet. The floors are slippery and marked with black foot prints, there’s a weird fishy smell, and the walls have strange brown spots and markings…

It was an experience that I don’t think I would choose to try out again.

If you do plan on visiting, make a reservation, because there was a small line up to get in. Why? I don’t quite understand.

This was the start of my food filled weekend. More posts to come! Some people are lucky that they can keep eating and not gain too much weight. I’m not one of those people, so I’m going to go to bed now and wake up early to bike.


  1. Dear Mrs. Ng,
    I enjoyed reading your reviews. A am a retired resaurant owner. I nalso started writing reviews for fun. I love to learn from you and if you agree, I want to join you on one of your next visits to a Restaurant. I have a background in food microbiology, the peroduction of a wide range of foods plus almost 25 years experience in runnig my own Restaurant. (Fraser Park Restaurant). It would be nice to hear back from you. thanks, Anton Heggen

    1. Hi there Anton, thanks for the comment! We should talk.