Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018-21 | NORWEGIAN SUN 2018

Part 2 of P’s bachelorette started out in the Uber, and a very silent driver. He dropped us off at the Disney port, instead of the Norwegian port, and we walked under the glaring sun for about 10 minutes to get to the right spot. Glad we didn’t get run over. Off to the Bahamas we go!


First thing I noticed was that there were quite a large range of ages in the passengers, lined up to check in and board the Norwegian Sun. There were some families with children, a few bachelor and bachelorette parties, and just a whole bunch of people ready to have a relaxing weekend. First thing we did was eat at the Four Seasons restaurant on the boat. Let’s start with dessert. The rose water blood oranges with blackberry sorbet were my most memorable dish:


The large serving of nachos was pretty impressively made, with lots of cheese and chicken. A dab of guacamole is on top of the whole mess:


I didn’t go around taking photos of all the food that we ate everyday, because it did get somewhat repetitive. All the food was good, and I didn’t get sick from (or of) anything in the 3 days that we were on board. We ate 6 to 7 meals a day, and with the package that we purchased, we had unlimited access to all the beverages! I got pretty tired of pina coladas, and switched to negroni’s and vodka soda by the last day.

The weather was not the best, and we missed one of the ports, where we had booked an excursion. Sadly, I ended up napping most of that day. It’s days like that where I wonder what I’m doing with my life… Sleep more than 8 hours?! What is the meaning of life?! I think I gotta learn to take it easy…

I don't think I'd take this cruise again, but would consider other cruises. Thanks to the very friendly Norwegian Sun crew for showing us a good time!


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