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Thursday, October 15, 2020

2020-42 || thanks mom

Thanksgiving this year is just with H and I (I guess baby S too), so we just ordered take out. White Spot has a Thanksgiving combo: 

Look at all the food for about $30! 

The turkey wasn't too dry because it's drowned in gravy, and comes with an extra side of gravy in case it needs more drowning. Extra cranberry sauce too. The vegetables were a bit undercooked, so we just zinged it a bit longer in the microwave. The mashed taters and filling were fantastic. 

White Spot Fort Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Skip the pumpkin pie from White Spot, it's not worth the additional cost. Pick up a few mini pumpkin pies from Hey Happy instead.  

So many things to be thankful - lots of sleep inducing turkey, being away from home so that I'm not obliged to attend family gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic and can really indulge the introverted side of my personality... 

Super thankful to have a healthy baby, although I still don't find motherhood super fulfilling. At the end of some days, I'll feel like I've done nothing, super unproductive because the whole day was spent trying to get baby S to take one nap. I'll be so exhausted by the time she does fall sleep that I don't feel like doing anything, and will just waste away my time on social media or watching TV or reading crap. I start feeling extra bad, because I've done nothing!  

Then, I'll message my mom, who insists that I send her photos and videos everyday because she's not around to see her grandchild everyday. She'll tell me I'm doing great, keeping the baby healthy with my hard work, and I'll actually feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Thanks, Mom, we both did a lot of work today. 

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