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Friday, May 8, 2020

2020-17 || anniversaries

H is a sentimental guy. For the anniversary of our wedding engagement (note engagement, not wedding day!), he planned a surprise delivery for me. Being a busy person and soon-to-be mom (hate to admit, my brain is getting fuzzier as the days go by...), I actually forgot about this day, and was quite confused when he walked in with a bouquet of tulips and eucalyptus from Whole Foods and a box from Grounds for Coffee:

Ground for Coffee

Since the beginning of the 3rd trimester, I've had a strong sugar craving, and I actually have dreams of eating the heaviest cakes and cookies. These cinnamon buns from Grounds for Coffee meet all the requirements for my pastry cravings. The bun portion is dense, and super packed with sugar and butter. Add the cream cheese frosting to top it off, and it's a perfect snack to go with a (decaf) coffee or tea, while sitting around on the couch  growing the baby inside my body. 

Prior to the pandemic, we visited the actual cafe too, and sat down at one of the corner tables in the crowded space to enjoy their cinnamon bun and latte. Tables and chairs were mostly taken up, so we were pretty lucky to be able to find a spot to squeeze into. The cozy room, along with that warm smell of fresh cinnamon buns and coffee, created a good buzz for working on laptops, pretending to study, and people watching. Reminded me of when I would go to cafes to study. 

Also, there has been progress with the baby crib! We are ready for sleep to happen.

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