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Sunday, July 14, 2019

2019-27 || MOODY ALES

Mondays got you feeling moody? Not at Moody Ales!

H and I made double date plans with R&B last Monday. We hadn't seen them since Iceland in November 2018, and they were starting to think that we were only trip friends. Sometimes, it's hard to make plans with friends who live farther out, or coordinate a couple of hours to catch up when the To Do list just keeps on growing (I foresee home renovations and more furniture shopping in the near future...). No way were we going to let R&B accuse us of becoming trip friends though. 

We started off our date at Moody Ales, intending to eventually meander down the row of breweries along the same block as Moody Ales, and investigate the food trucks that were parked in front of the breweries (more on this in the next post).

Moody Ales Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

H and I ended up sharing a flight, which got us 4 mini glasses for $7, and we picked mostly fruitier, lighter options, including their feature Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen. I personally like stouts and porters more, and will tolerate these lighter ones if I have to, so it does not surprise me that they did not blow me out of the park.

Surprisingly, R liked our choice of the Lavender Sour, which both H and I found to be disgusting and could not even force ourselves to down the rest of the small glass. She doesn't usually enjoy beer or strong alcoholic beverages, so this was just the drink for her. It was VERY sour, like a lemonade without sugar, mixed with a bottle of lavender essential oils. Not for me, thank you, but before I blacklist this brewery, I'll give their feature stouts a try next time.

They also brought their delightful English bulldog, Molly,  out with them. They're emotionally invested in our next choice of pet now. R has been trying to convince H and I to get one of the British bloodlines, instead of the French kind, which I originally wanted. I'm slightly leaning more towards the English now, because they look even lazier than their French cousins. I'm OK with my puppy staying home and napping. Taking care of it will be another excuse for me to stay home be lazy.

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