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Thursday, November 23, 2017


What else to do in the city, but eat? Here’s one of the best waffle places in Tai Po, inside one of the malls:

HK Style Bubble Waffle - Original Flavour

Here’s another snack shop, in the middle of Tai Po Market, where we had fake shark fin soup and curry fish balls, chased down with lemon tea from a nearby convenience store:

Lemon Tea, Shark Fin Soup (Fake), Curry Fish Balls

I can’t link you to these places, because again, I’m a horrible blogger and did not note their actual locations.

On top of all the eating, we ate some more, this time with my cousin and her 1 year old (notice the baby food in the background and Ziploc bags to keep the utensils clean). I didn’t like this grapefruit salad (awkward dressing) or the gai lan with tofu (too salty):

Don't get this

Don't get this

This lobster spaghetti was not something I’d order again. The spaghetti was a bit too al dente, and the lobster was overcooked and chewy:

Don't get this

The pad thai pizza was not bad!

Not Bad - Pad Thai Pizza

Good - Tiramisu Sundae

Don’t come to the Mango Tree at Causeway Bay, they have horrendous service, expensive and not very filling dishes, and the food is not cooked very well. Everything was way too salty.

Living in the big city with all the lights seems very glamorous, but the glitz isn’t really doing anything for me these days. The lights are an illusion to blind you from the layer of grime on the sidewalks, on the roads, on the people. People say it’s dirty in the woods, so they’d rather stay in the city, but I came home everyday with a layer of pollution on my skin and hair. It’s the city where you’ll find all the real dirt, and the people are the dangerous animals causing it.

One more day of Hong Kong... 

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