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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

90/104 – CUMBERLAND DAY 1, PT 1

This is where I lost Sparkle the Drone:

Nymph Falls

We were supposed to have a relaxing weekend on the island, find Nymph Falls (above), but it ended up being VERY stressful because Sparkle got stuck in a tree and we could not save it. It all started off with us finding out that the coffee shop that I wanted to go to was closed for staff holidays. Luckily, their shops are all along the same street, and 2 blocks down, the Cumberland Grind was open:

Cumberland Grind

They had some interesting flavors available. I had the turmeric latte, which was a bit on the sweet side for me because it was drenched in honey. The other 2 had no complaints about their coffees, nothing too special about what they had. There were other options that were loaded with whipped cream on top, and none of us felt like it was that type of day. 

Cumberland Grind Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

To be honest, I would not come back here for the coffee nor the hike.

I've been very tired this week, mostly because it is extremely draining to try to stay positive and forget about losing Sparkle. All my energy is focused onto remembering that there is no point wasting even one second on being sad over a material object. I'm OK now, but I'll need a bit more rest to recover. Also, I have not gone to yoga in 2 weeks, so that's probably contributing to my grumpiness.

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