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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


As a finale to the long weekend, M, D, and I went to Brandywine Falls:

daisy lake from brandywine falls hike

We got to the viewing platform. We saw the lake at the 2nd viewpoint. We tried to get to the bottom of the waterfall, because our thirst for adventure was not satisfied by the 15 minute walk to the platforms. We didn’t make it because we got lost while wandering through the bush and were devoured by the mosquitos. The bites are really swelling up now…

Let’s not let the fun end there! It was only barely 3PM, so we drove up north to Cows at Whistler:

It’s bumpin’ on a hot weekend afternoon, and we spent more than a minute trying their punny flavours. I ended up getting a blueberry milkshake, because milkshakes all I crave after hiking. I don’t remember what the other two got, but they’re in the video in this post and you can try to guess. The ice cream was absolutely necessary to bring our moods back up from the fail hike, and went well with the music played by the street performers there. Although the milkshake melted too quickly, the ice cream overall is quite tasty.

COWS Whistler Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We also made a pit stop at Shannon Falls. Very busy tourist stop.


I think what I learned from this day was that I need a drone. If I had a drone, I could’ve flown it down to the base of the waterfall, rather than physically climbing down for that base shot. Needless to say, I am now obsessed with going back and finding the proper way down.

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