Monday, November 3, 2014

Freaknight 2014

1st night was good, and old habits die hard. Gotta have fun while I’m young, but one of my friends said that I’m too close to 26 to still be doing this. 2nd night got cancelled, definitely not happy with that. Took the day off today to recover, but no recovery needed. Should’ve just went to work. Didn’t get any good photos or videos of any of the sets because I was waiting for Tiesto & Alesso, so this photo of Pike Place will have to do.



This trip felt so incomplete. Less than 2 months till Contact. See you there!

PS – I think I’m done with the PSL hunt, getting tired of pumpkin. I conclude that Starbucks still has the best PSL. All the others are just weak copy cats. Especially you, Tim Horton.


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