Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Ultimate PSL – Part 2: McDonalds

Sunday morning, post hiking the Wedgemount Lake Trail, couldn’t sleep, so went out for a quick coffee instead. Used one of my many McDonalds free coffee cards to pick up a medium PSL with skim milk:


Not too sweet, different type of pumpkin taste than Starbucks, I think more of a fake sweetener taste… Leaves a strange aftertaste though, and there’s no whipped cream! All the syrup was also stuck at the bottom, but that’s probably because the staff at McD were so swamped (or incompetent). Caffeine content in McDonald’s coffee is usually decent, but I wasn’t feeling the kick today. Maybe because I slept badly for about 3 hours, and nothing will be able to save me now.

Starbucks PSL wins this round.  Although the McD PSL is about half the price, I still prefer the taste of the original. Here’s another comparison of the two:

On another note.. Wedgemount Lake. This is what I live for:



Pictures don’t do it justice. I didn’t want to leave…


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