Friday, September 30, 2022

2022-31 || on hold

It's been almost two months since the last update, and my brain feels foggy from being a mom of two. The words on this post are coming out of my fingers so slowly... 

These past two months, I've felt stuck, like everything we try to do has been blocked and there has been such slow progress. Usually, I can visualise a solution to any problem that arises in our daily lives, but right now, our future still seems unclear.  The scariest part was that both the kids caught a nasty respiratory virus last month, and I probably averaged about four hours of sleep every night for that week when they were both in the thick of it.  S couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep, and one night, we took baby P to the hospital to make sure his oxygen levels were adequate because he was having a tremendously difficult time breathing. Both the kids have fully recovered now, and I'm cherishing these moments when we're all healthy. 

Now that we're all better, I can go back to ruminating about our finances. When will we catch a break from inflation and rising mortgage rates? One of the tools we use frequently to bring down our grocery bill is Too Good To Go. We recently visited Cadeaux Bakery, and picked up a bit of a sampler:

S loves pastries, so she ate two of those croissants herself. (We've also started baby P on solids! He seems very interested in eating so far, and I'm sure he'll pick it up in no time. Between him and S, I think we'll be poor from feeding them.)

I had the chocolate chip cookie, which was not the best, but still good value for the price. There was a cheese croissant, which was quite lovely. Cadeaux Bakery offers many other small pastries, cakes, and desserts, which I'll hopefully be able to splurge on once I figure out how to make more passive income.

Three more months until I am supposed to go back to work. 

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