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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2019-15 (2) || IRL > URL

Credit to a Toyota billboard, seen along the highway to O'Hare airport, for today's post title, and because in real life, this filet mignon with shrimp from Chicago Cut Steakhouse was much tastier than I can make it look or sound on this blog:

Also, I almost forgot to take a photo of it, and it's already half gone...

This was by far the best steak I had while in Chicago this week. The server was very enthusiastic about how well the meat was aged, and I'm pretty sure they said 30 days... Or was it 28?

Chicago Cut Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Regardless of how long the meat's been aged or treated, it was very juicy. They somehow trapped all of that juice in the meat, while cooking it to a perfect medium rare, the way I prefer it. I mean, look how dry that plate in the photo above looks.

My favourite part about this dish was that even though the menu said 8oz filet mignon with shrimp, the server agreed to get me a 6oz instead, seeing as I didn't want to waste any of it. Not that I would've been able to tell whether it'a 6 or 8, because if it was more than 6, I still would've eaten it all. It was all in the way the order was taken, and how the service made the meal a completely different experience.

We had a few sides to share, and they kindly plated it for us - brussel sprouts, mac and cheese,  and I think it was scalloped potatoes. I don't think I would've remembered to try the sides, if they did not put it on a side plate for me, because we were all busy chatting and catching up.

Finally, dessert to really make it difficult for us to fit into our trade show pants the next day. Key lime pie was on the menu again, and unlike the one from the night before at Joe's, this one was just the right firmness! You'll also catch a glimpse of the mint gelato in the background, which N ordered, and we all stole a bite. The server slipped us a piece of the carrot cake as well, because he really wanted us to try their house special carrot cake. No complaints.

Hands down, best steakhouse in my life so far. Don't be intimidated by the side entrance, which might be a bit secluded and difficult to get to right now; for whatever reason, they have some strange fences that surround the entry way.

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