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Saturday, April 6, 2019

2019-14 || i'll be happy when...

We had a team building event this week at CAVU, taking a bit of time to make sure we properly celebrate a fantastic end to the first quarter of the year and a strong start to 2019. Speaking of starting strong, the starter plates that we ordered (cauliflower, onion rings/deep fried zucchini, and calimari in behind) were excellent:

I can't say the same about the Northern Star burger (fancy name for a bison burger topped with swiss cheese and mushrooms): 

I chose the tomato soup to go with it, instead of fries, because we already had all the greasy appetizers at the beginning, and I was expecting a big juicy burger to fill me up. Instead, the burger was slightly bland, and the meat tasted like something from the Costco frozen aisle (ie, rubbery, not much flavour, dry from freezer burn). Soup was OK. .

CAVU Kitchen Bar - Hilton Vancouver Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoService was OK too, as they came by a few times to refill our waters, and did not kick us out even though we were hanging out for a while. We had a nice private corner to ourselves, and could see the other guests coming and going. There weren't that many other diners there, so it could be a good option for a last minute meal, but I wouldn't go again anytime soon. At least not for the burgers!

Extra points for their pretty plates.

This week, I also had a chance to attend The Art Of Leadership for Women, where I hope I picked up a few tips and tricks. Start time was 8:30AM, and I'm sorry to say that we ended up beginning closer to 9AM instead, because of security measures to ensure Malala's  safety. I guess 21 year old Nobel peace price winners, who have been shot by the Taliban and survived, deserve some hype and protection. She was the key speaker of the day, and her message of more education and choice for girls around the world was pretty impressive. To be honest though, the other speakers made a stronger impact on me (Tiffani Bova, Emily Chang, Dr. Tasha Eurich). Their lives seemed more relatable, and I could connect with what they were saying about being in the tech and business world.

I'm pretty happy right now, where I am, but I'll try not to get too comfortable here.

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