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Sunday, September 30, 2018


Showed up late for a brunch date with D&M. We were going to Fraser Park Restaurant, which was located by the river in the industrial park by Marine Drive. Definitely a hole in the wall gem for brunch:

I had the English breakfast, which came with a pile of bacon, a sausage, and a deceivingly small bowl of beans (there were a lot). I wonder where they get their beans from… Not sure if they’re Heinz, but anyways, they were perfect for mixing with the egg yolk. I asked for overeasy eggs – these could’ve been “easier” because the yolk wasn’t quite runny enough. Oh well, what can  you expect for $12?

I don't even like bacon, and I ate it all.

Fraser Park Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I’m glad I had a chance to meet up with D&M, because we never really get to catch up. We all have stuff going on in our lives, for sure.

The other day, I woke up at 5:35AM to go to yoga, and arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Turns out that my pass had expired, by just one day… I did feel like giving up at that point – I put in all the effort to wake up, pack, get over to the studio, and now, it was like the universe was giving me a sign that I should go home and crawl back into bed instead of working out – but I was there already and there really was only 1 solution: pay for another pass and go to class.

It feels like I’ve been running into roadblocks with everything this week. The jacket tore in the wash. My faucet is explosively leaking in the kitchen and still has to be fixed. I have so much to do at work!
I can either give up, or just keep going, and I’ll choose to keep going. Everything is going to be OK… Just need more breakfast.

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  1. A BIG Thank You dear Mrs.Ng,
    I am always pleased to see in posts like yours, that our 2 girls, Lailani and Maricel, who bought our business 2 years ago are continuing the almost 25 year "saga" of our "Little Family Restaurant".
    As for myself, I am retired now, but I am still involved in the day-to-day aktivities of FPR.
    Right now I am enjoying myself at home in my little test kitchen doing things like Candy Bags (German Liquorice is next), some new Sylvia's hot Sauce Variations.

    I would like to join you o one of your next Restaurant visits. Any ethic cooking is apreciated.

    You can Email me at

    Thank you,

    Anton heggen