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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Weekends are fabulous, especially when your friends are down to eat and explore, even though it’s last minute. C and I left Vancouver at around 7:30 and got to Fergie’s Cafe in Squamish at around 9AM. A line up formed right after we ordered. Last time we tried to eat here, I was under a time crunch and we didn’t have time to wait, but the timing was impeccable on this trip.

Latte to start. Little jars of flowers were placed all around the bar and on the tables, probably to try making the food look better. Eyes eat first.


I had the pullrf pstk hash, on the left, C had the Dubliner benedict:


It is a bit expensive, but brunch foods typically are pricy, especially when the dishes are made with fresh ingredients. I really loved this atmosphere, just a cozy place to eat before heading out for adventures.

Fergie's Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We went over to Alice Lake after to walk off the food. LIGHT, SHOW US THE WAY:


Just kidding. We were just jumping around in the light, and didn’t even realize that this Toyota, stopped along the side of the road was actually taking photographs. The lady in the car was really nice though, didn’t honk us or anything. Maybe we were her models? Anyways, her car is my model in this shot. The rest of the lake was nice too, the trees were all golden.


We’re so lucky to have this so close to home.

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