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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I slept all weekend, recovering from a very unexpected, unplanned stomach bug. Or maybe it was something else, other than upset stomach, because I also had body chills, headaches, overall discomfort. What’s wrong with me?


Stress is probably a huge factor. Not like a “THERE’S A TIGER IN FRONT OF YOU” stress, but more like “traffic is really frustrating everyday, i’m eating junkfood most meals, i can’t sleep, and i have no way to relax” stress. It’s the little things getting pent up.

BUT AS AN ADULT, I will get over this (with the help of my parents and boyfriend and other loved ones… because who am I kidding? I’m still child sized). Right…?

Typing into Google “signs you’re an adults”, gives me 40,300,000 results, and they’re all different, based on Reddit, Lifehack, Business insider, and many others… Anyways, I think I’d like a break now. My cousins always try to give me life advice, but it’s when I remember that they are just under 10 years older than me that I really remind myself there are so many things to learn from them.

1. Save money every month, even if it’s a small amount.
2. Your parents are not always right, but they usually have your back, so let them take care of you.
3. Eat, drink and be merry.

I mean, now that I sleep at 11PM on a Friday night, instead of leave my house, I think I’m really stepping over that line of adulthood…

Also, my phone has failed and cannot dial out. So i have wiped it. It now sort of works.

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