Wednesday, June 20, 2012


1. Lunch:

Me: Have you ever spilled your sample?
S: Yeah, of course.
Me: What did you do?
S: Pour it again!  It was only 1 or 2 samples.  I told the other people in my lab that if I spilled the whole
     rack which has about 100 samples, I would just give up and quit.

2. Centrifuge

M: Hey, Don’t take out the sample and then pour it back in like that.
Me: Why not?
M:  Homogeneity.  You have to swirl the sample again and then remove, because it’s like you’re splitting the sample and resampling again.  It won’t be representative if you do that.

Later on, waiting for samples…
M: What’s the purpose of mixing up the sample?
Me: Umm… Is it homogeneity… And representativeness of the sample?
M: Yes.  Why do we only use samples that are this size?
Me: Not sure.
M: Homogeneity.  And representativeness of the sample.

I laughed for a full 60 seconds after this. Oh dear, I’m so immature.  I told everybody that I graduated already, and M said that he was surprised because I seem so immature.  Then, S thought I was 2 years younger than what I actually am, because I seem immature.  I hope I never grow up though.

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