Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BCIT approved.

I tried to register for FSCT 8240 Forensic Toxicology 1 at BCIT, but it kept saying I was not approved and would not let me sign up for it.  I received a pretty official lookin’ letter from them a few weeks ago, so I thought there’d be no problem.  Since the course starts 2 days from today (Jan. 12), I really had to do something.  So… I called Cindy again during my lunch break (during which I like to nap), talked to her for about a minute, and she told me I would now be able to register.  A few minutes later, I got an email from Cindy saying that I was approved by the Academic Adjudication Committee.

Should probably go pick up the books and custom notes for the course soon…  Can’t wait to waste spend $100 on a book.


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