Thursday, November 17, 2011

BCIT does something right.


Jenna @BCIT called me 2 days ago during work, asking me to update my credit card information (I had put down my Visa number for my old card that was dropped at Library Square…).  I told her I’d call her back by dialing back, since I had caller ID.  Unfortunately, caller ID showed the name “BCIT”, but there was no record of the phone number!  So, I spent my lunch hour searching through the BCIT contact list on their website.  I think I would’ve found it, if I wasn’t looking for “Janice” instead of “Jenna”.  Woops. 

The next day, she called back right when I was getting off work.  Perfect timing. Thanks!

My Admission Status for the Forensic Science, ASC has now been updated to:

Unassessed; Not Yet Reviewed

I never thought I’d say this, but after 3 months of working, I am excited to get back to school… 


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