Saturday, November 27, 2021

2021-40 || one day at a time

Things i like about work

1. Coffee, like from Pallet. They really do have one of the best lattes in town. Apparently, they don't use beans that are roasted past 3 weeks. Standards.
2. Meeting people
3. Hunting down new leads and winning them over. There's always a new opportunity waiting and it brings a sense of optimism.
4. Setting my own schedule
5. Working from home, which is way more efficient than office life everyday

Things i don't like about work: 

1. Feeling manipulative when winning new leads
2. Feeling conflicted because although I feel manipulative, I also think the product is useful and I make money this way 
3. The repetitive work after convincing them and having to set them up
4. Constantly chasing targets
5. Working from home, because my child can find me and is rather distracting

Today was pretty crazy though, rushing from one side of the city to the next and then calls back to back. Would be easier without a constant voice at the back of my mind that my child needs me, as well as my other child kicking me in the ribs to remind me that I haven't had lunch yet. Ah, the good old days of surviving on coffees, while destressing in the evening with a bottle of wine.

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